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CCPIT takes various measures to help foreign trade companies overcome the epidemic
Click:1666 Date:2020-3-5 17:32:56
The epidemic is currently being tested by foreign trade companies. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade has launched a series of services and measures to stabilize foreign trade, help enterprises prevent risks, and reduce losses. Let ’s take a look.

CCTV reporter Xu Su: Here is the CCPIT's commercial certification center for Beijing. In the office hall, we can see that there are no companies on the spot to handle business. This is mainly because after the epidemic occurred, the CCPIT adopted online processing. And express mail to provide services to enterprises, thereby minimizing the gathering of personnel and doing a good job of prevention and control.

Xia Jianrong is in the process of providing a Tianjin equipment export company with force majeure factual evidence related to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Xia Jianrong, Commercial Certificate Department, Commercial Certification Center, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: They are a foreign trade company. The main products involved this time are machinery. Their supplier is a company in Hubei because of the restrictions on resuming work in Hubei. However, they could not resume work before March 10, so they could not deliver to Russian companies as scheduled, so they applied for this time.

And the company mentioned by Xia Jianrong has obtained two force majeure certificates before.

实施 Since its implementation on February 2, as of March 3, a total of 101 commercial certification authorized institutions across the country's CCPIT system have issued a total of 4,811 factual force majeure certificates, involving a contract value of approximately 373.7 billion yuan.

Yan Yun, deputy director of CCPIT Commercial Certification Center: To help companies better invoke such a force majeure rule, help companies better use the same rule standards between their suppliers and their buyers, and increase their Trust and mutual understanding, and then delaying the performance of the contract, can relieve it from some or all of its liability for breach of contract.

期间 During the epidemic, CCPIT encourages enterprises to conduct business online and send related certificates and documents by courier mail, but at the same time, it also accepts appointments for enterprises in emergency situations. Today, a Beijing-based company urgently needed to get the internationally-used ATA certificate of customs documents and send it abroad to transport the stranded goods back to the country for continued use. Therefore, the certificate issuer sent the emergency prepared documents to the temporary meeting area.

Yan Yun, deputy director of the CCPIT Commercial Certification Center: We open such a green channel specifically for the epidemic period, because everyone also knows that enterprises must have special needs during special times, so we mobilize all the resources we can mobilize, go Helps companies shorten their entire certification process.

In addition, during the epidemic, CCPIT also established a legal support platform and opened a legal consultation hotline to answer legal questions caused by the enterprise due to the epidemic. These measures have effectively and effectively alleviated the pressures faced by enterprises during the epidemic, and overcome difficulties with the enterprises.
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