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High-quality joint construction of the belt and road projects and enterprises affected by the epidemic will receive development financial support
Click:2132 Date:2020-3-5 15:29:12
Beijing, March 2 (xinhua) -- The ministry of commerce and the China development bank jointly issued a notice on February 28 on developing finance to support high-quality joint construction of "One Belt And One Road" in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the reporter learned Tuesday.

China development bank (CDB) will provide low-cost financing, special foreign exchange liquidity loans, a reasonable grace period for repayment, a "green channel" for credit and a variety of financing services in local and foreign currencies to support qualified and high-quality joint construction of "One Belt And One Road" projects and enterprises, the circular said.

The circular makes it clear that the ministry of commerce, the China development bank, the competent commercial authorities at the provincial level and all central enterprises shall establish a joint working mechanism, and the ministry of commerce shall be responsible for coordinating, sorting and summarizing the list of overseas projects and enterprises affected by the epidemic and in need of financing, and sharing information with the China development bank. Under the premise of compliance with the law and controllable risks, CDB independently provides financing support to qualified overseas projects and enterprises in accordance with the principle of marketization. Provincial competent commercial departments and the headquarters of the central enterprise group shall study and determine the list of projects and enterprises affected by the epidemic in their respective regions and units and submit the list in time.

Overseas enterprises and projects are required to truthfully and accurately report the situation affected by the epidemic and truly reflect their financing needs, the circular said.
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